Monday, 24 September 2012

Last. Minute. Changes.....

are literally the last words a hand knit designer ever wants to hear! And they very quickly explain why I've spent virtually the whole of the last 10 days knitting like a crazy woman- next time a rug is proposed as a Last Minute Change I'd like to think I'll say no, but experience tells me I'll probably just say yes again (not that I can't resist a challange of course!).
However the mission is now well and truly accomplished and alongside the lovely Ben, Sarah and Ollie we spent all of Friday in a lovely house- (see below!- Sarah and I are saving up.....) making some lovely photos, which if all goes well should end up in book 2........ unfortunately I cant disclose any of these just yet so watch this space!
In other news it looks like my first book 'The Knitted Home' is going to be published in France, Finland and Australia as well as here and in the exciting!

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