Saturday, 10 November 2012

New Stockist/ Bertie has a girlfriend

I am pleased to announce we have a new stockist 'Provenance' who will be showing at the Selvedge Christmas Fair today in London!
Apart from clearly having great taste in knitwear we have realised that the lovely Jessica who owns Provenance also owns 'Edith' a dachsund remarkably similar to our very own 'Bertie'! So when we inadvertantly shrunk a pair of black slouch socks (you could now use them to prop up a table they're so solid!) we knew exactly who would love them- Edith!
Here she is along with a very polite (and for someone with such short legs well written) e-mail!

Dear Ruth and Bertie

 I love socks and pants and I was helping unpack the box - and thinking what fun Christmas is going to be .. and when we opened the box, there on top was MY PRESENT... clever clever Bertie & Ruth for knowing.  I LOVE IT.  Thank you.


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