Monday, 17 June 2013

The Knitted Home- Cabled Bolster Cushion Success!

So this morning I found a lovely email from Jane who bought The Knitted Home and has not only created her own version of the cabled bolster cushion but is spinning her own yarn and will be adapting more patterns for her own yarn- Go Jane! This is exactly what I hoped people would be able to do with the book- Huzzah!

Hi Ruth,

Well this is my first attempt at a cushion inspired by yours.

I tried to just look at the designs you had created in your book to figure out what you must have done to achieve each cable effect as I didn’t want to simply ‘copy’ your pattern if I could help it.

This cushion was knitted with hand spun wool I had purchased from a lady who was retiring from her homespun wool business. (I was too impatient to start right away and didn’t have enough of my own yarn spun ready to start that quickly) !
I have ‘found’ some off white Merino wool that I had forgotten I had so that will be cushion # 2 with perhaps a few modifications to my initial design.

I also can’t thank you enough for the section in your book about finishing with steam. What a difference that makes !

Thanks again for everything Ruth.
You have inspired me so much to explore and design my own style of knitting, which I didn’t feel confident enough to do beforehand.

If I manage to go from strength to strength I’ll keep you posted.


To order your own copy go to (The Knitted Home- English/ Australian title) or (Knits At Home- North American title). It is also available in French, Finnish and German.

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