Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Knitting Magazine- Zig Zag Cushion pattern giveaway amendment

Well we all slip up occasionally.......this month its the turn of Knitting Magazine who in their feature on my book The Knitted Home have misprinted the featured pattern......Oops! 

But dont panic- its very simple to sort out- they have simply missed a line of text- instead of just 'repeat rows 3-12' it should read;
'Row 3-16 is one repeat. Do 3 more full repeats. Then repeat rows 3-12'

Phew! And apologies to all the baffled knitters out there- one of whom was Janet- who after a quick email to me whizzed up this lovely example- Well done Janet!


  1. I too, am attempting your zig-zag cushion from The Knitted Home (a Christmas present). I have never come across the instruction wyib/wyif before. I know what it means, but does it apply to the preceding stitch , or the following stitch? For example: sl1 wyib k1 (KB k1) x22, does the wyib refer to the slipped stitch or the knit stitch? Thank you.

  2. Hi!
    Thankyou for your comment and I'm glad you're having a go!
    The wyif/ wyib refers to where you should be holding the yarn when you are slipping the stitch. So sl1 wyib means take the yarn to the back and slip 1st.
    I hope this helps but if you need anything else please just ask!
    Best wishes

  3. Phew! I only got to row 16 and really couldn't work out why to only repeat rows 3-12, it really didn't add up! Then I googled it and found the answer. Onward and upward & just loving the pattern!