Monday, 2 July 2012

Another Reason I Am Not An Accountant

Today I have realised another reason why I am not an accountant. Today I have been checking the patterns for my new book 'The Knitted Home'. This basically involves going through every detail of every one with a calculator and is so deathly dull that I have now run out of diversion tactics (washing up, peanut butter on toast, hoovering, tidying, facebook, more peanut butter on toast......) in an effort not to face up to this- my most hated of tasks (shortly after anything involving accounts or forms). This explains why I am not an accountant / anything else requiring mega precision- I love working out how to knit new things I'm not so good at the pedantics of explaining them to someone else- why don't they just know what I mean?! Anyway I have just finished and thought this summed up my love of pattern, what else can I eat....?

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