Friday, 29 June 2012

Confession time...

As a knitwear designer people always assume that I make everything I wear, the faith people have in my ability to create anything from socks to coats is frankly alarming... This is not even a little bit true anymore. Up until I left Uni/ got ejected into the real world I did make quite a lot of clothes (all tailored I might add- not a bit of knitwear!). But since then I just haven't had the time. This means that I have never actually sat down and knitted something just for myself- sure I steal the samples from work regularly but theft does not count!

Then two things happened- I wrote a book (coming out feb 2013) which meant I had to learn all about yarns available for everyone to buy internationally- very different (and very expensive) in comparison to the yarns I usually buy direct from the mills, Some of these I discovered are particularly yummy. The second thing is that I finally have a bit more time in my week....or at least I thought...

So I decided I wanted a good lazy sweater that felt cosy but doesn't make me look like a bag lady. I measured the dilapidated version I stole from my husband (definitely erring on the bag lady look) and worked out my stitches and rows. In contrast to the work patterns I write I'm now basically making the rest up as I go along. I've done the front and half of the back and I'm using decreasing and increasing to create a random pattern as I go.

I should say that I did start this in March so it's taking forever but I'm determined to finish before my cousins wedding in 3 weeks (I always was ambitious) anyway I'm attaching some snaps so I'll let you all know when it's done (don't hold your breath) - It also currently looks like a dishcloth but as knitters everywhere know- all knitting looks like this at this point!

I'm knitting this on 4mm needles using Patons Merino DK- yummy!

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