Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Introducing My Studio

I work in a studio in a gorgeous building in the centre of Salisbury- there are 4 different creative businesses here all busy working away (in between coffee and chatting) producing everything from interior design to film to textile art to amazing jewellery! I'll write about everyone in turn but for today I thought I'd upload a few pictures of where the chaos/ magic happens for me- on a good day....
This is our lovely building - although you can't see how tall it is from this- I'm at the top on the 3rd floor! I don't have an open studio but if you're in the area you should definitely pop in to the jewellery gallery on the ground floor run by fellow resident Helen Noakes 

These are a few snaps of my room which is packed full of yarns, winders, books and everything else you could possibly need for knitting!

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