Tuesday, 19 June 2012


At some point in the summer we usually get a call from Woolmark (www.wool.com) to make something fabulous out of our favourite material wool as part of their 'Campaign For Wool' which is promoting the use of wool all around the world! To see other things we've done check out our projects page http://www.ruthcross.com/projects.html
This year however the call came early as they had been let loose on Blackfriars Bridge during the Jubilee pageant to do some woolly decorations......
Part 1 was to create 4 sets of cushions that spell wool and Part 2 was to create knitted coversfor a massive polystyrene WOOL- we will never forget the W turning up - 100cm x 180cm!!!!!! Still they had to be seen from HRH's boat......
........oh- and we had 7 days to do the whole lot in! Sophie piled in to help like the knitting/ glue gun demon she is and I ended up knitting 13 unexpectantly complicated intarsia cushions in that time myself (after writing all the patterns and also hand sewing all the letter covers on). Possibly a personal best?
This is how big the letters were in the Ruth Cross work room....
.....now play spot the letters on Blackfriars Bridge!!!!! (clue- above the right centre arch!)

We had 3 sets in Red, White and Blue and because Woolmark represents the commonwealth- 1 set was in South Africas colours!!!! 

 The massive WOOL letters are going off with Woolmark to other woolly events, but the cushions will soon be available in our online shop as 1 off designs! www.ruthcross.com

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