Monday, 22 April 2013

Finally! A long awaited blog update and images from The Knitted Home!

I've finally been able to emerge from the baby haze (lovely Beatrix was 3 months on Friday!) long enough to update my blog which is in dire need of attention. I have a list of things to add as long as my arm but to start with here are some images from The Knitted Home- my first book of which I'm very proud x

This is the cover used on the English and Finnish editions (above).

This is the cover used on the Australian edition and the same image is used for the North American edition but the title is Knits At Home- so each country's is slightly different!

You can buy the book at or ask at your local bookstore.....


  1. Dear Ruth!
    There's a two nose samples on page 21 in your book,
    But there I can fine a pattern for that design please?)