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The Knitted Home- guidance for cabled cushion with no pattern.....

Now the book is out there and on sale, I'm thrilled to report that I'm gettting emails from lots of people who are thoroughly enjoying it- as well as the occassional one needing a bit of help.... so I thought I'd publish those just in case other people have the same question!

'How do I make the cabled cushion on the sofa which doesn't have a pattern.....?'

This cushion is featured on the sofa on the cover of the North American/ Australian edition and in the centre of the sofa on page 48/49.

This cushion was created as part of the set on page 48/49 where it is the centre cushion included to illustrate cables as a design technique. A really big part of my intention in writing this book was to try and inspire knitters to develop their own patterns rather than just providing a set of patterns to follow, which is why no pattern is included here. Throughout the book there are several pieces shown with no pattern and several patterns that are adaptable for the individual, as well as guidance on how to develop unique designs from scratch. Although the pattern for this cushion isn't included, all the cables that are used are also on the cable bolster cushion- this is used as an example of how to plan a cover with various cables on it (bolster cushion p68, guidance on designing with different stitches on one piece p141/ 142). If you've done a few cables before and take a bit of time to work out your stitches I'm sure you will be fine creating your own version of this cover- I'm on maternity leave so don't have the pattern in front of me but from looking at it the cables are laid out as follows:

From right to left as if working across a row (I always try to make cables on a knit row so you can see what you're doing)
4st cable (sl 2st to cn, hold in front, k2, k2 from cn. Cable every 4 rows)
Bird Cable
4st cable (as before but hold in back)
12st cable (sl 6st to cn, hold in back k6, k6 from cn. Cable every 12 rows)
12st cable (as above but hold in front)
4st cable (as before, hold in front)
8st cable (sl 4st to cn, hold in back k4, k4 from cn. Cable every 8 rows)
8st cable (exactly as above)
8st cable (as above but hold in front)
4st cable (as before, hold in front)
3st basket detail - on the knit side you do k1, KB, on the purl side you do p1 PB. This is the smallest cable possible.
I will have added an extra stitch at each end to start and end the row with- the first will have been slipped at the start of each row and the end stitch worked as normal to give a nice edge.

Because all the cables are made on rows that are multiples of 4 you'll find keeping track of when you make the cable for each one fairly easy once you get going. I would have a go using a yarn like the Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky on some 6mm needles as this is about the same weight as the yarn we used- (see the zig zag and X patterns for something made in this). If you make the front and measure it as about 36cm square then you can use the back pattern from these cushions for yours too- if its a bit smaller/ bigger then you'll need to adjust it a bit.

I hope this helps!!!!!!

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